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North American Humanitarian Aid & Relief.

Nahar is a not-for-profit humanitarian organization that provides emergency relief, rehabilitation, developmental assistance, and program services to vulnerable population of Bangladesh. NAHAR is solely dedicated to reducing human suffering in its mission.


Our Current Appeal

  • Help for Humanities

    Help for Humanities

    Help your brothers and sisters for their need.
  • Donate Your Zakat

    Donate Your Zakat

    Your Zakat is someones rights. Donate your Zakat today.
  • Feed the Hungry

    Feed the Hungry

    Help a needy Family and an Orphan to survive from Hunger. Donate Only $15/Month

Our Programs

  • Disaster Response

    Disaster Response

    NAHAR Relief is an international humanitarian organization that actively works to provide relief by participating in disaster response in disaster areas.

  • Orphan's Program

    Orphan's Program

    One of the most successful programs of NAHAR Relief, which looks to find individuals to sponsor orphans all over the world. Because the orphan program is so important to NAHAR Relief, your donations can help orphans in countries that need it most.
  • Refugee Services

    Refugee Services

    It has become very common for member of our Muslim community to be forced to seek refuge in other countries, as there is fear of war and violence. NAHAR Relief provides support to these refugees by collecting donations for household items.
  • Family Services

    Family Services

    NAHAR Relief also provides various family services to meet every type of social need and ensure the foundation of family is kept intact.

  • Hunger Prevention

    Hunger Prevention

    NAHAR Relief provides assistance with the basic necessities as well. NAHAR Relief has developed a program to feed the hungry.

  • Women Shelter

    Women Shelter

    NAHAR Relief also offers support for women who are homeless, suffered from domestic abuse, widowed or other extenuating circumstances. NAHAR provides temporary housing in an environment comfortable for them.

Current Services

  • Health Clinics

    Health Clinics

    NAHAR Relief works to increase access to the best quality health care to those in need all over the world. In accordance with the World Health Organization, NAHAR Relief donors help with health assessments.
  • Education Program

    Education Program

    NAHAR Relief has established an educational program that provides a tool for educating our youth and their families. Education is the way to empowerment, and NAHAR ensures that children and families know the importance of education
  • Ramadan Help

    Ramadan Help

    This Ramadan our focus is on the country of Bangladesh. We will be targeting three areas for donation: Orphan Sponsorship, Disaster Relief and Zakat for poverty alleviation. To sponsor an orphan in Bangladesh, it is $350/year.
  • Water & Sanitation

    Water & Sanitation

    In order to ensure that water is clean and can be reached within a safe distance, NAHAR Relief established several deep tube water system in several places in Bangladesh

About Nahar

We work hard for Humanities. Our services would extend to refugees, displaced families and children, the hungry, and the poor and needy etc. NAHAR is solely dedicated to reducing human suffering in its mission.
NAHAR’S mission: Serve the needs of the most vulnerable- particularly women and children, victims of natural disasters & civil unrest, and the poor.


Our Programs

Family sponsorship.
Feed the hungry program
Orphan sponsorship
Disaster response
Refugee Services
Women Shelter

Our Services

Provide school supplies to children
Food package with basic necessities
Provide medical and Financial assistance
Provide warm clothing for the winter
Water & Sanitation
Ramadan and Holiday Support

Our Activities

  • Rohingya Muslims Need Your Help

  • Artificial limb support for Rohingya victims by CRP & NAHAR

  • Zakat for Poverty Alleviation

  • NAHAR Food Drive Campaign NYC

  • Stand with Rohingya Orphans

  • NAHAR with flood victims

  • Help For Flood Victims

Our Humanitarian Services

  • Scholarship Program

  • Health Clinic

  • Help for Disable Student

  • Post Harvey Assistance by NAHAR

Work with us to provide Education and Food

Contact Us


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