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Relief Work In Turkey

Relief Work In Turkey & Syria


Emergency Relief Appeal for Earthquake Affected People in Turkey & Syria

Donate $100/Family

Huge earthquake hits Turkey and Syria, leaving over 2,300 dead, over 10,000 injured, 3,000 building destroyed, thousands of people without homes and shelter. The Turkish President, Recep Teyyip Erdogan, has described it is the worst disaster since the 1939 earthquake, which killed over 33,000 people.

The death toll is, expected to climb substantially as hundreds of apartment blocks were, destroyed in the early hours of the morning, whilst people were sleeping. Many people are, believed to be under the rubble of collapsed buildings. The recovery of bodies will take many days and weeks.

NAHAR Relief is appealing for donations to help those affected by the disaster. Through our partner Muntada Aid on the ground, we are providing urgent humanitarian assistance. We are providing ready meals, canned food, drinking water, blankets, winter thermal clothing, especially for women, and children as well as nappies for babies.


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NAHAR is a New York based not-for-profit humanitarian organization that provides emergency relief, rehabilitation, developmental assistance, and program services to vulnerable population of Bangladesh and around the Globe. NAHAR is solely dedicated to reducing human suffering in its mission. Read more about us. 

Qurbani Project 2021 & 23

  • Gaza Qurbani 2021-7
  • Kenya Qurbani 2021
  • Ethiopia Qurbani2021
  • India 2021-1


Program specific expenses

Orphan Sponsorship for one year

                     Gaza $800/Year
                     Rohingya $600/Year
                     Yemen $600/Year

Tube-well Installation – $450

Congenital heart operation( Children)- $1400 per operation

Female Genital organ repair operation – $1200 per operation

Eye operation – $150 per operation

Disability support – $300 per person

Covid-19 victims support one family -$130/month

Educational Support for one Students -$15 per month

Poverty Alleviation for one family- $300 for life


How you can support Nahar

Request your friends and family members to Signup as volunteer
Donate $2-$5/ every month (auto recurring payment available)
$20/yearly from your Zakat money and $10Fitra at www.naharrelief.org/doantion
Please Donate one Qurbani share to Nahar for global distribution

Get permission from your local mosque to announce Nahar’s programs
Make duwa for Rohingya Muslims
And support Nahar through Amazonsmile


Monthly Recurring Campaign

Pay $3/Month

You can pay following
3 different ways



Check payable to

Nahar Relief

Address: 2668 Pitkin Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11208


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We need volunteers

Join our team

Our Activities

USA Activities

Water distribution in Flint Michigan

Post Harvey relief distribution

Feed the hungry in Houston

Winter cloths distribution in Houston

Qurbani meat distribution in Chicago,
Houston, Detroit and New York

Global Activities

Rohingya refugee in Bangladesh

Flood victims support in

Orphan support

Disability support

Educational support

Property Alleviation support

Program Specific Projects

Congenital Heart operation in

Female fistula operational support-BD

Vision restoration operational support-BD

In Ramadan ifter & suhur support-BD & other
countries in Africa

Qurbani distribution in Rohingya camps and
Bangladesh, African
cont, India, Nepal, & Srilanka

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Ramadan Appeal

Sponsor An Orphan

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2668 Pitkin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11208